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Quality living at an affordable price.  All located within 2 blocks of UW Milwaukee with many across the street from campus.

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Respect & Professional
The landlord and Management Company truly value you!!  Maintenance is extremely responsive and is available 24/7 for emergencies.  Snow removal and lawn care are always included (excludes driveways).
All Properties CLOSE & Nice
All properties are within 1-2 blocks of campus and some are across the street.  Our aparments are all comfortable and some are high end.  We have all price ranges but even our entry level are well maintained and better than most of the rest around campus.
The Right Way to Enjoy Campus Living
Laundry Onsite & Parking
There is no need to carry clothes home on the weekend or lug to the laundry mat.  All properties have coin operated laundry onsite.  Most homes have parking options such as garages and outdoor reserved spots.
Welcome Home!! 

We are a small time landlord that has a lot of pride for UW Milwaukee and only has housing around UWM.   We are not associated with UWM, yet students are the primary renters.  We have been a landlord on campus for over 20 years.    All housing is within 2 blocks of campus and most units are just steps. The housing is located in duplexes or triplexes that range from 1 bedroom to LARGE 3-4 bedroom units.  The quality of all the units are all great and well maintained.  We feature comfortable apartment to high end units with stainless steel appliances, multiple bathrooms, breakfast nooks, front porches, garage parking, and much, much more. 

Full Living & Dining Room
This may seem silly to note but as you tour properties around campus you may find properties have carved out bedrooms from a living room or dining room.  All our properties have maximum space intact.  
During Rental Season we find many renters set up a hour or two and walk through all of our units that fit their move-in date and the majority of the time they find a fit within their location, price and amenties during this one tour.   

We respect and really appreciate being able to serve the campus community.  Please take a look at the properties featured and if you are interested please contact us at 414-881-8799 or [email protected]  We hope you make one your home!
*Bonus Features*
You will find many unique qualities with our properties which vary by unit such as stainless steel appliances, dishwashers, central air conditioning, 2 floor units, fireplaces, multiple bathrooms, bonus rooms, efficient furnaces,  and more.
Homes For All Campus Years
Your Home for Your Campus Life is Here
*We are an active landlord/management company partnership on the Eastside that abides by the Milwaukee law that no more than 3 unrelated people can live in an apartment.  Call us to learn about this law. 
*Will Know Availability of Apartments in January, 2020

Desirable Corner of Campus, Safe & Extremely Well Maintained
3060 Downer, 6/1, 3 bd - $1525 - RENTED
3062 Downer, 6/1, 4 bd - $1575
See Details & Photos
Will know in Jan. 2020 what's available

Can't get much closer to Campus, Charm (Fireplaces), Parking Galore
3054 Downer, 8/1, 3 bd - $1550
3056 Downer, 8/1, 3 bd - $1525
See Details & Photos
Will know if avail Jan. 2020
2 Floors & 2 Bathrooms each, Recently Remodeled, New Siding and Windows
3046 Downer, 8/1, 4 bd - $1895 - AVAILABLE
3048 Downer, 6/1, 4 bd - $1995
See Details & Photos
Will know if avail late Jan. 2020
One block from Union, SPACE, 3 garages and lots of character
2975 Prospect, 6/1, 4 bd - $2250
2977 Prospect, 6/1, 3 bd - $1450
See Details & Photos
Will know if avail late Jan. 2020

You'll be Proud to Call This Home, Priced Below Market, Old World Charm, Excellent
2848 Murray, 6/1, 3 bd - $1410 - AVAILABLE
2850 N Murray, 8/1, 3 bd - $1400 
See Details & Photos
Will know in Jan. 2020 what's available
Recently Owner Occupied so Beautiful, Great 4 Nursing and Athletes (Klotsche), A/C
3481 Cramer, 6/1, 3 bd - $1385
3483 Cramer, 6/1, 3 bd - $1385
See Details & Photos
Will know if avail late Jan. 2020
Unparralled Quality, High End (Marble, Kohler fixtures), D/W, Priced Right
3494 Cramer, 6/1, 4 bd - $1610
3496 Cramer, 8/1, 4 bd -$1445
See Details & Photos
Will know in Jan. 2020 what's available
Gut Rehab/Mint, Our Nicest Unit in our Collection, One Block from the Heart
2975 Farwell, 6/1, 4 bd - $1995
2977 Farwell, 8/1, 4 bd - $1875 - RENTED
See Details & Photos
Will know if avail Jan 2020
Hidden GEM, 2 Blocks from Campus, One of Best Values in our Collection, Millionaire Row
3206 Marietta, 8/1, 3 bd - $1300
3208 Marietta, 6/1, 3+ bd - $1300 - RENTED
See Details & Photos
Will know if what's avail in Jan. 2020
All You Need, Great Value (priced below market), One Block to Campus
2963 Cramer, 6/1 3 bd - $1350
2965 Cramer, 6/1, 3 bd - $1350
See Details & Photos
Will know if avail late Jan. 2020
Our Management Co.- Building Helpers
Our partner, Building Helpers is curteous, knowledgeable, RESPECTFUL, responsive and understands that our renters may be living outside of their parents home for the first time.  Building Helpers: 
  • Possess over 20 years experience managing/maintaining properties
  • Hire quality staff or have access to all kinds of maintance experts
  • Has staff that live near UWM (as well attended UWM)
  • Can answer ALL questions regarding maintenance, rent & lease questions, schedule move-in/move-out's and provide all around renting support.
  • Is "right-sized" for the campus market.....every tenant is important to us.

Choosing who is going to manage your rental interaction is as important as where you are going to live--we promise you will be happy with us and here!!

To provide the highest degree of service to our tenants we have partnered with Building Helpers, the defacto standard for college rental management.

ALL management, maintance, and communication (after rental season) is outsourced to Building Helpers, who manage properties exclusively in the Milwaukee area. Their staff understands that consistently working to improve the quality of service and attention to detail are the best ways to provide comfortable communities.  Our UWM tenants feel at ease knowing that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they will be able to reach a qualified employee for emergencies and during business hours for all other requests. 

Current & Past Tenant Testimonials

We have seen quite a bit over 20 years of being a landlord and management company.  We will never say we are perfect, BUT we try our hardest to maintain our properties to top standards, respect our tenants and be responsive.  Here are some past comments.  We trust you will feel the same. 
Joey O, Multiple years
...I've loved staying at your house and plan on staying here for another year.  I know the rest of my roommates would like to as well.  You have been a great landlord!   You and your team were responsive and very trustworthy.  When I leave I will recommend 3054 N. Downer to all my friends".

Eric W - 2975 N Farwell
"We spent hours and hours looking at different housing options after the dorms.  It turns out your place was the absolute best.  This was my first time living out of home so it was great to be able to trust you.  You always have someone available to take our call and more importantly you come do what you say you are going to do."
Aaron G - 3481 N Cramer
"Thanks for being responsive to all of our requests after moving in.  We hope to live here for a couple of years."
Emily D - 3 year tenant at 3062 N. Downer
"We have lived in one of your units for a number of years.  We looked all around campus and found you have some of the best properties that are incredibly close to campus.  We feel your team always works hard and is very nice/accommodating to us.  When we leave we will for sure refer others to you."

Contact Us
For Rental Showings:
Call/Text:   414-881-8799 or
E-mail:   [email protected] 
Traditionally rental showings will start in January of the school year for June 1st or August 1st move-in dates.   Do not hesitate to reach out anytime to see when rental showings will commence

Current Tenant Contacts:

Building Helpers:  262-617-6993
Online Portal (maintenance requests and rent payments):

Otherwise call or e-mail Chris Schnabel at 414-378-5188 and [email protected] for Repairs and General Questions. 
For Rent and Portal questions please e-mail Sherry Koenig @ [email protected]
Building Helpers, LLC Address:
P.O. Box 18172, Milwaukee, WI  53218 
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